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Wash, Dry, and Fold Drop-Off Services

Drop-Off Your Laundry 7 Days A Week


Serving Our Residential and Commercial Customers

Woodstock Laundry’s Drop-Off Service is exactly that: You drop off your laundry, we weigh it, sort it, wash it, dry it, fold it, and you pick it up ready-to-wear. So, whether you need help with getting your own, your entire family’s, or your business’s laundry done, Woodstock Laundry’s Wash, Dry, and Fold Service is here to help.

Residential Customers

Just think: You could be playing with the kids, golfing, hiking, meeting with friends, or just taking a few minutes for yourself right now IF you used Woodstock Laundry’s Wash, Dry, and Fold Service. So drop-off your laundry and make the most of your free time. You deserve it.

At Woodstock Laundry, our goal is to provide the best laundry service possible. We’ll wash your clothes as if they were our own. At Woodstock Laundry:

Upgrade Your Wash at Woodstock Laundry with Three Options

The Natural Wash
Seventh Generation products
Add Only 75¢
• Natural detergent
• Natural dryer sheet

The Natural Premium Wash
Add Only $2.00
• Natural detergent
• Natural fabric softener
• Natural dryer sheet
• Natural bleach
• Natural Oxi-stain remover

Our Premium Wash
Add Only $1.50
• Tide detergent
• Snuggle fabric softener
• Oxi-clean stain fighter
• Clorox bleach
• Bounce dryer sheet


Commercial Customers

Our large capacity equipment is designed to handle all your commercial laundry needs. Whether you have blankets, towels, linens, or uniforms, Woodstock Laundry’s Wash, Fold, and Dry Service is here to help.

We’re prepared to meet the laundry needs of our local Eateries, B&B’s, Caterers, Spas, Medical Professionals, and Religious Organizations.

Call us at (845) 679-SUDS (7837) and we will be happy to work with you to set up a custom laundry service specifically designed to meet your needs.

Let Woodstock Laundry make your laundry experience a pleasant one by saving you both money and time.

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washing machine

Next Day Wash, Dry & Fold…$1.65/lb1
Same Day Wash, Dry & Fold…$1.95/lb1
110lb minimum

Specialty Pricing

add $2.50 for same day service

Regular Comforters

Down & Down Alternative
Vests & Jackets…$10
Twin/Mattress Pad…$20
Full/Mattress Pad…$22
Queen/Mattress Pad…$23
King/Mattress Pad…$25
Mattress Topper…$55

Small (Decorative)…$7
Large (Bed Pillow)…$12
Feather Pillow…$21


Sleeping Bags

Rugs (40-lb washer)…$17
Rugs (60-lb washer)…$22

Yoga Mats (each)…$5

Furniture Covers
Small Pillow…$7
Large Pillow…$12
Sofa Cover…$26
Chair Cover…$16
Futon Cover…$26


Woodstock Laundry • 59 Mill Hill Road Woodstock NY 12498 • (845) 679-7837(SUDS)